One-on-one work transforms your ideas into action and results.

I'm here to help you: 

get un-stuck : : identify what's next : : take a stand for who you want to be : : define and live your values and purpose : : strengthen your emotional intelligence and resilience : : find the connection with your courage to step into what awaits : : live with intention in your daily life : : shift or change your career : : plan for retirement : : nurture your personal well-being : : complete a degree or professional certification 

In short, I'm here, ready to help you balance the effort with the ease to lighten your load, make changes and feel better about what you're doing and the way you're being.

New to coaching? Here's an overview of the logistics:

  • We'll speak on the phone, or through FaceTime or Skype.
  • Gain clarity and guidance during our time together.
  • You'll leave the call with clear action steps. 
  • I'll share resources that benefit you, directly.
  • As you put that plan to work in your daily life and gather results, I’m here for support through email (and phone).

Good things happen with time and it's true with 1:1 work as well. How frequently we talk varies with your needs. Typically, we'll begin working together for 3 months, which is the tipping point for getting traction and seeing results.

Please contact me to discuss how I can support your journey.


I start a new job very soon. I’m very excited about the opportunity and it’s a significant raise. I felt a great sense of relief after I resigned and have never wavered about that decision.
If not for my time with Rebecca, I may have dug in my heels much longer. She supported me in recognizing the signs within myself that were telling me which way to go next and to see my need to act much sooner than I would have on my own.
— KN, St. Louis
I was beginning to doubt that I would ever have the courage to make the change. Our discussions helped me look at my difficulty with change and helped me feel prepared and confident for my interview.
— EB, Chicago