Move Your Intentions Forward

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Move Your Intentions Forward is a small group gathering of caring people. Together, we create time and space, coaching and accountability, support and motivation to help you make the changes you’re looking for in your life.

You’ll discover new ways to shift from imagining what could be into deliberate action that advances your goals.

Here’s what you’ll explore:

Move: To create commitment and sustain momentum, you will:

  • Clarify what you want to do and why it’s important to do, now. 
  • Identify options and choose actions that fuel your momentum.

Your: To keep the focus on you, you will:

  • Explore your readiness and resistance to change.
  • Learn mindful tools to feed your resilience and rely on when you encounter uncertainty, self-doubt or confusion. 

Intentions: To create action for your intentions, you will:

  • Spell out your intentions (you know, those ideas/dreams/what-ifs that live in full color in your mind). 
  • Set priorities and take steps to bring those good intentions into the world. 

Forward: To take action and be accountable, you will:

  • Identify your preferences for taking action (and what doesn’t work for you).
  • Benefit from accountability for the actions you do take. This is accountability that's in place for support and encouragement.  


Experience what's possible in your life, with support and accountability.


What to expect

  • Participate in one meeting a month, for four months.
  • Each 1.5-hour meeting includes a time for a short meditation along with sharing about your experiences and exchanging insights.
  • Between meetings, you'll continue to explore with the help of readings, email prompts or activities for you to use to deepen your focus, approach your to-do’s and support the actions you’re taking. You do this work on your own time, in your own space, when it’s convenient.
  • Participate in a 30-minute private coaching session with me, before the group begins (to help me understand what you're working on). 
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You'll benefit from being a part of this group if you:

  • Are ready to create change in your life.
  • Have a yearning to shift from “I wish I would/could do something…” to “I am taking action!”
  • Appreciate making change at a pace that fits your goals and readiness.
  • Appreciate the value of knowing “why” you’re doing something and being deliberate about “what” you do.
  • Enjoy being part of a supportive community of people who all want you to succeed.

As a coach and educator, it’s a daily treat for me to support people who listen to that voice within, the one that encourages seeking and change. 

By participating in the Move Your Intentions Forward group, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Identify what’s important to change and why.
  • (Re) discover your capacity to take action toward your priorities.
  • Stretch yourself to discover what is possible and do-able.
  • Learn how to manage your energy to support all that you’re doing.
  • Give you and your goals a priority on your to-do list.
  • Create space to reflect and appreciate all you’re trying to do!


Full details about the next group are coming soon.

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It felt very good to finally come to a decision. A relief, actually, to finally have a goal and an end result to work toward.
It challenges me to make a decision and carry through. This is exactly what I needed to step out of my comfort zone.
I gained a focus that I didn’t have. I have an actual plan to do things to achieve that goal.