Tools for Living With Ease

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Tools for Living With Ease is a 6-week program designed to give you a collection of practical, easy-to-follow strategies and tools you integrate with your life. You’ll take steps each day to lighten your load and carry less stress. As a result, you’ll feel more like you’re in charge of your energy, time and behavior.

I teach a course at a Chicago university that focuses on ways to cultivate well-being. In the 9 years that it's been on the schedule, hundreds of students have found new ways to help manage the stress in their lives. 

I realized: Why not make this material more widely available?

In addition to being working adults, the students may not have much in common - except an awareness of the toll of stress in their daily lives and the dis-ease it creates. Here's how they describe it:  I'm overworked. Overwhelmed. On-the-go and leaving so much unfinished. Running on low energy. Easily distracted. Eating poorly. I can't sleep. I'm short-tempered at work and at home.

Sound familiar?

So, we get to work, using tools that draw from the wisdom of mindfulness, yoga, meditation, non-violent communication and emotional intelligence plus the best practices in creating habits, cultivating well-being and the study of happiness.

By the time the class is completed, each student can name a number of new tools they're using to help them live with less stress, more ease and increased fulfillment. 

That's why I've adapted the course and developed Tools for Living With Ease. It's for busy adult women and men looking for new approaches to the challenges of living in the world today.     

I learned practices that I can do daily, even for a short amount of time, to get back on track for the day.


Through a combination of independent work on your own time, the support of a small group of like-minded people and 1:1 time with me, you'll explore what you can do for yourself. In turn, you'll benefit the people you care about.

I discovered what other options I have in terms of staying healthy in mind, spirit and body.


Here's what to expect

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  • 6-week program
  • Each week, you'll receive an email with background and directions for how to engage in the week’s activity, on your own schedule. This is the heart of the program, where you apply the strategies to your own life. It's an experiment where you get to observe and collect results about the impact of the practices.
  • Use the worksheet to collect your thoughts about your experiences.
  • Deepen your understanding of what you're discovering with reflection prompts. You can use these to journal, sketch or in some other way create a record of your experiences. 
  • Join in the weekly phone discussion. We’ll meet for 1 hour to share experiences and learnings, and ask questions. 
  • Communicate between calls through a private Facebook group.
  • Add-on readings and resources to help you continue to explore.
  • A 30-minute, 1:1 call with me so we can explore a bit further.
  • The option to continue working 1:1 when the program wraps up.
The course opened the horizons for alternative ways of dealing with stress.

I hope you'll make the time for the Tools for Living With Ease program, so that you can live with less stress and more energy, engagement and ease.

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