Rebecca Russell, MS, CPCC

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Don’t worry about what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

Howard Thurman


What makes you come alive? When we work together, we’ll get to the root of what you want to realize in your life, connect the dots, calibrate your head with your heart, and plan the way forward. By including the tools of mindfulness and awareness, you'll feel calm, present and fully alive. 

What makes me come alive? All of the above. It's a treat for me when you can think of me as your personal consultant, thoughtful ally (who tells you what you need to hear) and accountability partner all in one.

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I consult and teach after an unconventional collection of careers, training and experiences. I've always loved learning and upholding high standards in my personal qualifications. Here are just some points to assure you that I’m experienced and committed.

  • Upholder of the ethical standards of the International Coach Federation 
  • CPCC-certified coach through the Coaches Training Institute
  • 16 years as adjunct faculty at North Central College, DePaul University and Elmhurst College, working with students of all ages as they earn a degree and enter a new phase in their lives
  • 11 years as a certified teacher of yoga and mindfulness meditation 
  • Workshop leader and group facilitator for topics including living with purpose, choosing a next step, listening, stress reduction, mindfulness and mind-body practices 
  • 12 years working in organizational change management and executive coaching 
  • 22 years in communications and marketing
  • 15 years in leadership and management 
  • MS in Communication and Leadership from Northwestern University and BA in English and Journalism from University of Illinois

Are you curious about what we can do together? Explore the Services, learn about the Principles behind my work and contact me to discuss how I can support you on your path.


I start a new job very soon. I’m very excited about the opportunity and it’s a significant raise. I felt a great sense of relief after I resigned and have never wavered about that decision.
If not for my time with Rebecca, I may have dug in my heels much longer. She supported me in recognizing the signs within myself that were telling me which way to go next and to see my need to act much sooner than I would have on my own.
— KN, St. Louis
I was beginning to doubt that I would ever have the courage to make the change. Our discussions helped me look at my difficulty with change and helped me feel prepared and confident for my interview.
— EB, Chicago